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Investment Portfolio

We provide tailored and favourable investment portfolio solutions for individuals who want to achieve one or more of the following financial goals:
  • lump-sum savings for regular income
  • retirement fund
  • children education fund
  • holiday fund
  • wealth accumulation
In building an investment portfolio, either for regular or lump-sum investment, we employ some models from our financial intelligence tools and accommodate them in five key steps as follows:
  1. Calculating potential fund available to invest
  2. Determining critical values for desired return and risk perception
  3. Constructing a portfolio with sensible asset allocation and funds selection
  4. Making a projection with scenario analysis model
  5. Developing an early warning system for regular review
The recommended asset allocation would be in a portfolio of cash, fixed interest, property, Australia and NZ equity, international equity and alternative assets. We may apply some portfolio modelling techniques such as efficient market portfolio and robust portfolio construction. The proposed products would be mainly in managed funds in the form of insurance bonds, investment trusts and superanuation funds, in the context of PIE (Portfolio Investment Entity) funds and FIF (Foreign Investment Funds).

Please look up the 'managed fund selector' link to get the initial idea of the proposed products. Some specialised passive portfolio of individual shares and bonds would also be recommended.