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Financially NZ is a financial advisory service providing bespoke and favourable investment portfolio and financial planning solutions to both private and small-to-medium enterprise (SME) clients. The services are designed in a package of financial intelligence and private client services. Financially NZ commit to make clients become financially intelligent, fit and happy with the advice and solutions.

Financial intelligence services include developing financial modelling tools for setting up financial and investment plans and transferring knowledge for some relevant finance and investment concepts, application, research, news, data, information, tips and picks.

In building an investment portfolio, either for regular or lump-sum investment, we employ some models from our financial intelligence tools and accommodate them in five key steps as follows:
  1. Calculating potential fund available to invest
  2. Determining critical values for desired return and risk perception
  3. Constructing a portfolio with sensible asset allocation and funds selection
  4. Making a projection with scenario analysis model
  5. Developing an early warning system for regular review
In providing a comprehensive financial planning, we use seven key stages in the process of making a client financially intelligent, fit and happy. These are:
  1. Personal accounting and budgeting
  2. Financial intelligence and modelling
  3. Investment management and risk management
  4. Scenario analysis modelling
  5. Critical value determination
  6. Early warning system modelling
  7. Semi-annual reviews

The intelligent financial planning process is designed in the framework of Psychospiritual Financial Planning >>> (copyright by Jeffry Liando)

We provide financial and investment advisory in the following type of services:
  • Financially STANDARD: This is a transaction-only or broking service for a client who wants to purchase investment products through us. We regularly supply information on new products, issues and picks. This service also includes assistance in transferring UK Pension to New Zealand. (Entry commission: 3%-5%, Trail commision: 0.25%-1%) - DEPENDENT ADVICE
  • Financially GOOD: This is an investment portfolio service for a client who needs our portfolio design and administration services. (Entry commission: nil, Trail commision: nil, Investment proposal fee: $300 (one-off), Service fee: 0.5%-1% of fund under management (if implemented)) - INDEPENDENT ADVICE
  • Financially EXCELLENT: This is a comprehensive and sophisticated investment portfolio services for a client who needs our portfolio design, financial intelligence and private client services. (Entry commission: nil, Trail commision: nil, Investment proposal fee: $300 (one-off), Service fee: 0.5%-1% of fund under management (if implemented), Financial intelligence modelling fee: $50/hour, Financial intelligence report subscription: $100/half year (optional)) - INDEPENDENT ADVICE
  • Financially TRANSCENDENCE: This is an investment portfolio service as part of the implementation of financial planning. We provide Financially EXCELLENCE service plus psychospritual financial planning. (Entry commission: nil, Trail commision: nil, Investment proposal fee: $300 (one-off), Risk management planning fee: $200 (one-off), Service fee: 0% of fund under management (if implemented), Financial intelligence modelling fee: $100/hour, Financial intelligence report subscription: $100/half year (optional)) - INDEPENDENT AND TRUE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE
We also provide:
  • Family Wealth Administrative Assistance: we can help with the administration of family wealth, managing daily operations of ongoing financial interests and banking liaisons. Suitable for a multigenerational family with extensive financial interests.
  • Business Finance Technical Assistance: we can help with business financial planning and the preparation, analysis and interpretation of regular financial reports. Suitable for a small business owner who needs help in understanding their financial issues and contrasting business finance from personal finance.

Disclosure Statement available on request and free of charge

About Us

Jeffry Liando
Financial Modeller and Investment Analyst

NZ Qualifications:
Graduate Diploma in Finance (The University of Waikato, Hamilton)
Master of Applied Finance (Victoria University, Wellington)

Jeff has experience in the New Zealand financial advisory industry as he has worked at a financial planning company. He has a strong passion in financial modelling in accounting and finance from extensive experience in academic, corporate finance and financial advisory.

The first model he developed was an early warning system for Indonesia banking industry in 1997, inspired by Altman's bankruptcy prediction model. He employed SPSS software and used discriminant analysis statistical method to find the key predictive variables of financial ratios.

In his university time, he helped small businesses with their accounting matters as he was very confidence with his straight A grades in basic accounting papers. After graduated in 1998, he joined a boutique forex trading house as a forex trader. In 1999, he worked at a corporate group of businesses in metal-based manufacturing in corporate planning roles. Dealing with complicated and comprehensive accounting and budget spreadsheets, he then developed a company valuation model based on five years discounted free cash flow from the master budget.

In 2000, he took an overseas experience and chose NZ as his study destination. This was supposed to be an academic experience but then he fell in love with the beauty and calmness of New Zealand. In 2003 he got his NZ permanent residency. He named this service "Financially NZ" to appreciate NZ as his chosen place to grow financially and commit to make his clients of New Zealanders become financially intelligent, fit and happy.

He thinks that financial and accounting senses and models in a corporate context can also be applied in a smaller context like small-to-medium enterprises and individuals. Despite the magnitude is different, the essence and underlying concepts of finance and investment are still the same.

Finance and investment are the true meaning of his life in NZ. He obtained a Graduate Diploma in Finance from the University of Waikato, Hamilton and a Master of Applied Finance from Victoria University of Wellington. With this level of academic finance qualification, he can give better solutions as having more in-depth understandings and knowledge in finance and investment. He has a great future plan as he is going to do his PhD in Banking and Finance.

Jeff has in depth knowledge, comprehensive and abilities in investment analysis, financial modelling, spreadsheet skills, computer programming and IT management. He likes Excel (macro), Access, SQL, VBA, CSS, XHTML, neoclassical (and Keynesian) economics, stochastic, random numbers, Gaussian distribution (and Bayesian probability), travelling, badminton, table tennis, billiards, golf and bowling.

Jeffry has a lovely wife, Krisna, with 2 children, Kezia and Isaiah.

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries, please complete the following form or email me on Jeff(at)Financially.co.nz. Mobile 0272448895. BlackBerry PIN 7563f05a.

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