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Jeffry Liando (Jeff Liando)

BEc(Hons) - Bachelor of Economics (STEKPI Jakarta) 
GradDip(Fin) - Graduate Diploma in Finance (The University of Waikato)
MAF - Master of Applied Finance (Victoria University of Wellington)

Jeff is currently working at New Zealand Post as an Analyst at New Zealand Post Group, particularly handling a large set of systems and models for Group Planning and Performance Reporting with IBM Cognos TM1. As a consequence, his service at FiNZ Financial Intelligence will be limited and some inquiries may be forwarded to other recommended investment advisers.

He is an experienced investment analyst, financial modeller and database developer with mixed skills and knowledge in Corporate Finance, Investment and Information Technology. He has a good knowledge of Australia and New Zealand managed fund products and a strong passion in financial modelling for accounting, corporate finance and investment.

His areas of expertise and specialities: Management Accounting, Financial Modelling, Excel VBA Macro, TM1 Administration and Development, Investment Analysis, Investment Management and Portfolio Construction, Efficient Portfolio Optimisation, Database Management, Web Development.

He also has strong technical skills as an expert user and developer of Excel and Access using macros and VBA. He is capable to develop user-friendly spreadsheets, financial models, database queries and user interfaces. He can read and write some web programming languages such as XHTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, ASP.net, SQL and PHP.

The first financial empirical model he developed was an early warning system for Indonesia banking industry in 1997, inspired by Altman's bankruptcy prediction Z-score model. He employed SPSS software and used discriminant analysis statistical method to find the key predictive variables of financial ratios for Indonesian banking industry.

In his university time, he helped small businesses with their accounting matters as he was very confidence with A grades in basic accounting papers. After graduated with Bachelor of Economics majoring in Banking Management from STEKPI School of Business and Management, he joined a boutique forex trading house as a forex trader and then worked at a corporate group of businesses in metal-based manufacturing in corporate planning roles.

He dealt with complex and comprehensive accounting and budget spreadsheets. For the purpose of management buyout (MBO) and debt restructuring, he developed company valuation models for parent and subsidiaries based on five years discounted free cash flow from master budget.

In 2000, he took an overseas experience and chose NZ as his study destination. This was supposed to be a temporary academic experience but then he fell in love with the beauty and calmness of New Zealand. In 2003 he got his NZ permanent residency.

He obtained Graduate Diploma in Finance from the University of Waikato, Hamilton and Master of Applied Finance from Victoria University of Wellington.

He thinks that financial and accounting senses and models in corporate context can also be applied in small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) or even individuals. Despite the magnitude of SME model is different, however, the essence and underlying concepts of finance and investment are still the same.

He has been involving in some volunteer roles at not-for-profit organisations, such as St John's in the City - Wellington Presbyterian Church (Sunday School assistant leader), Scouts NZ (database admin) and National Network for Stopping Violence Services (website and database admin).

Jeff has a lovely wife, Krisna, with 2 children, Kezia and Isaiah